Opinion: We all want Happiness and Success, but at what cost?

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“Happiness and Success”

“Happiness” and “Success” are supposed to go hand in hand. We do know that there is a correlation between being happy and being successful, but at what cost? One begs the question, “Is happiness the key to success” or “Is success achieved by being happy”? (See what I did there?)

The questions posed in the previous paragraph can obviously relate to different aspects of our lives. Whether it’s in the relationships that we choose to maintain on a personal or professional level, the ups and downs that we endure in our career or education path and even just our overall approach to life.

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Happy people usually are the more successful individuals. Now those who are dubbed “happy” or “successful” in today’s eyes are measured by their net worth. Oh, and the number of cars they own or their ability to take lavish trips is another factor in that “balla chart”. My personal opinion on the matter is to acquire real success is to be happy and to be happy is above all signs of being successful.

I’ve met my fair share of people whom I believe are successful and or happy individuals, but I noticed a few things. One thing I noticed as I reflected was that everybody who is successful isn’t happy and those who are happy isn’t always successful (based on outdated ideas and today’s social media standards)!

I tend to reflect on the conversations and experiences that I have had so far in life, and it has shed some light on a personal conclusion that happiness leads to success… and I mean ultimate success not stagnated efforts. With that being said, at what cost does your happiness have to take the backseat to your success?

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“All Money Ain’t Good Money”

I bet that every CEO of a Fortune 500 Company or million dollar athlete isn’t truly happy. Their ultimate sacrifice was more than likely the cost of their true happiness. For the modern-day athlete or celebrity, you’re consistently hounded by the press even on your off day. As a CEO, you probably wonder, hope and pray on a daily basis that your employees are good at their job and not shisty folks!

For a more direct example to us common working class folk, “all money ain’t good money” as my Grandma Cookie would say. As everything in life, no situation has a “one size fit all” key, but for purposes of dialogue just because “Job A” pays more than “Job B”, doesn’t mean its a good situation or that you’ll be ultimately happy.

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For those individuals (like me), the risk involve with such a move speaks on your current situation. For those who would pick “Job B” and not “Job A”, no one besides self should be concerned of such a choice. Quite of few people have shared their stories about leaving Corporate America for something that provided more meaning to their life. Whether it was a hobby or genuine passion in their yester-years, those individuals became instantly successful when they expressed their happiness after such a transition.

All in all, its a “do you boo-boo” society… Which means “to each their own”. (Is that the right saying? I never get it right.)

– Da’Von Yates

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