Opinion: The embarrassment of “US”

Picture of the U.S Capitol – Courtesy of Google Images

“For Example”

Boy oh boy, if we aren’t in some turbulent times here in America! It’s starting to feel like the 1960s and 1970s all over again, especially when it comes to the political climate and the stage it has set for this country. (Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t even born during those decades but asking individuals who did live then and reading various history articles and textbooks, I’m pretty sure that they’re similarities on the table.) During these eras, you had a switch of ideology in the country which introduced hippies, drug-addicted war veterans, scandalous political happenings, assassinations of civil rights and political leaders and the threat of a world war.

In 2018, it seems as though nothing has changed minus physical assassinations of our country leaders, but more of an assassination on the character of the individual. That’s why the title is, “The embarrassment of US”, which is a play on the abbreviation of the U.S (United States). I truly believe during the 60s and 70s, for some, it was a proud moment to be an American, however for many others that weren’t the case. It’s an embarrassing time to be an American similar to those eras earlier referenced and this doesn’t have anything to do with skin color, economic background, religious affiliation, etc. The way our country was being portrayed within the international spotlight then, has me really wondering how our international families view us now… “The Land of the Free”. Let me provide you an example of why we should be embarrassed:

As usual, I check three websites when I wake up or at least on an hour by hour bases via my cell: Fox 5 DC (local station), ESPN and CNN. On that particular day it wasn’t any different… I do my usual rounds of checking out the sites and I finally arrive on CNN’s website. The headline that was moved to a subheader stated the following: “Cory Booker releases Kavanaugh emails”. It caught my eye a bit, especially since it’s concerning a Supreme Court nomination that can affect decades of policy and reform within America. What really caught my eye was a mention of a Democrat New Jersey Senator who stated, “I understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate.”

Picture of Brett Kavanaugh (left) and Senator Cory Booker (right) – Courtesy of Google Images 

Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee has been grilled by various political figures on Capitol Hill and that day wasn’t any different… or so I thought. Democrat Senator Corey Booker (New Jersey) did one of the most courageous acts by releasing confidential emails from 2003 related to Mr. Kavanaugh’ stance on abortion and immigration amongst other political hot topics. As of today, nothing drastically has occurred with Senator Booker’s career and slightly after the release of the emails, the Republican Party claimed the messages were declassified and made public prior to this moment.

See, that’s the embarrassing part… The back and forth between two political parties who have forgotten who they work for and who they represent. You have one side whose blatantly disrespecting the political due process and the other having to steep as low as risking their reputation to ‘expose’ the absurd actions of another. I am familiar with American politics from a far and had the thought to major in Political Science to one day become a politician… That dream died years ago! Today being the 17th Anniversary of September 11th, a day that will always live in U.S History should have been a time of unity in the nation, but it has felt different during this administration. Until we (as a country) are honest with ourselves about our history, weaknesses and conflicts, we will continue to produce half-ass politicians, law officials and a public that seems so divided on core values about protest, fairness and genuine equality.

– Da’Von Yates


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