Quick Thought: Keep your interests close and your passions even closer

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“What is the difference between an ‘Interest’ and a ‘Passion’?”

The Merriam-Webster definition of ‘Interest’ is the following:

– the state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.

The Merriam-Webster definition of ‘Passion’ is the following:

– strong and barely controllable emotion.

Most of us typically get the two mixed up when trying to figure out our own personal interests and passions. Sometimes these can be influenced by outsiders: family, friends, colleagues, etc. Understanding the staunce differences between the words can lead to a clearer path of your future, whether it’s career, education or family oriented.

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“Figure It Out”

I can honestly say that during my 28 years here on Earth, I’m now starting to understand truly what I’m interested in and what my passions are, for example: one of my interests is science, but I have a passion to help people. This led me to choose the major Kinesiology (a.k.a Exercise Science) in which my focus was Community Youth Sports Development. Within my concentration, we use the model TPSR: Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility through physical activity. I wasn’t the most athletic kid growing up, but when I wasn’t playing video and computer games I’d be outside with the other kids playing games and sports. I also had some pretty awesome P.E teachers and some great experiences as a “husky” kid so my experiences shaped both a interest and passion.

Another example: a passion of mine is art (everything from drawing/painting, writing to music), but I have an interest in helping people to start their own business or organization. I didn’t go to school for either, but I have a knack for searching for more knowledge and just doing it! This is why I got back into writing because it was a outlet for me. Sometimes we allow self-doubt and outsiders to influence our moves and it’s normal for individuals closer to you to express their concerns or thoughts on your ability and your future. My advice to you reading this: focus on self and things flow. I have allowed so many distractions to block potential opportunities for growth and I’ll probably never let myself live it down, but I do have another day to figure it out and you do too!

– Da’Von Yates

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