Quick Thought: Networking is key!

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“The Importance of Networking”

When I first heard the term, “networking”, I thought it was more so for the business oriented… Meaning it was only meant for those solely in the business field. My perception on the term didn’t change until I actually left college and entered into the working world. I ran into the usual doubt being a young black man in America; “nobody doesn’t want to ‘connect’ with me”. I was sorely mistaken as for the individuals who I’ve met and connected with have always said to value my experience as it’s as important as anyone else. From then on, I knew that networking would be one of the most powerful tools you can use to either broaden or hamper your human experience.

“Diversifying Your Network”

It’s a beautiful thing to have people from various backgrounds within your network. I live by my consistent self-checking, “how can you grow with a limited world view?” I know folks that majored from Art to Zoology, literally! It’s certainly a blessing to have such a robust group of people that have took up different studies, who come from different states, let alone another country. I can certainly do better with communicating with those from the international scene and that means I have to go places that I haven’t even thought about going and embracing with people who I may not necessarily see on a daily basis.

For those individuals who think that stepping out of their “comfort zone” is too much… well, I challenge you to diversify your network by meeting and talking to those who have a different ideology than you. Meet folks that are from a different race, religion, sex, gender, social class status, etc. Not only will it potentially create a healthy dialogue to understand them, but a greater understanding of compassion for those who aren’t like you. Hell… even if that’s too much, meet someone of a different industry, who lives on the country side compare to the urban area because you’ll be surprised on how similar our journeys are on this planet.

If there is anything that you don’t get out of this “quick thought”, just remember that your ‘difference’ can be a opening to understanding the world in a much broader context.

– Da’Von Yates

2 Replies to “Quick Thought: Networking is key!”

  1. Emphasis today is placed on independence (which is indeed important). However, we musn’t omit the crucial mastering of interdependence. I’ve discovered that in becoming my best self requires LEANING ON AND LEARNING FROM others.


    1. I couldn’t even begin to simplify your response because it was that awesome! I do need to continue to learn interdependence as well, because I tend to become a solo act and it’s pros and cons to that. Thank you for your feedback! 😁


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