Home-grown Series: DC’s 2018 Art All Night Event (Review)


“Art Festivals are the sh*t!”

There’s something happening in DC that a lot of people from the art’s community are noticing and that’s the reawakening of a true appreciate of art and culture. DC just completed it’s 7th year of the annual art festival called, “Art All Night”. This event has took on different forms since it’s beginning in 2011 which went from one specific neighborhood of Northwest, DC to reaching 7 other main street communities within the District of Columbia. The list below are the 8 different “main street” communities:

My night would take place at the Congress Heights’ festival where it was certainly “Soufside” and black and WE as a community loved it! From the authentic African-inspired garments, handmade custom jewelry to the various sized paintings that lined Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE, I swore that I was in Harlem, New York during the Renaissance era. Small businesses took up space where it was deemed legal to set up, police presence was certainly in sight, but that didn’t deter the aroma of various strands of Sativa and Indica to fill your nose or the massive tropical drinks that seemed truly overwhelming. There was even a special guest present at the Congress Heights: Arts and Cultural Center, which sits on the corner of 4th Street and Martin Luther King Jr Avenue SE. Anybody know, Walt? Yeah, that Walt from VH1’s Black Ink Crew… Great artist and even a better person! I was able to briefly introduce myself to him as I congratulated him on taking the next step in his career. He might have been the more visible individual out there, but trust and believe me that there was a endless flow of talented individuals and groups that were performing and showcasing their work.

I have provided just a few pictures that were snapped during my tour of the Congress Heights: Arts and Cultural Center. Please understand that the art exhibited is not of my own and if you’d like more information on certain pieces that interest you, contact the center directly through their website. Enjoy!






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