Quick Thought: “New Year, Improved Me”

“New Year, New Me”… Isn’t that the saying?

With every year that passes, resolutions are quickly made and oh so swiftly are those promises broken. I usually keep it basic: work on my consistency, continue to improve in all aspects of my life and continue to create and or maintain meaningful relationships. (Very general and broad goals, but that helps me to keep the bigger picture in mind as I’m a stickler for details… Usually.) This year I added one more: “live with purpose”!

As simple as that list is, a lot of people find it very challenging to uphold those promises made to self and so do I. That’s why I added, “live with purpose”! It’s a daunting task for those of us that have that mental blockage. That blockage in which holds you back from creating or maintaining that meaningful relationship or applying for that school or job which seems to be out of our reach… but you have to try.

For example, I started this blog sometime in September of 2018, wrote a few entries and placed it on the back burning while dealing with life’s distractions. While some of them were good, there was indeed bad and there is no way around that. Through it all, I found it very difficult to keep up with various personal and professional tasks. I was looking for every excuse as to why I shouldn’t attempt this (fear of failure) or why I should do it, in which to share my thoughts and opinions on a public platform… And I’m indeed grateful that I did.

My creative mental space has opened and I have so many ideas floating around. I’m becoming more discipline in putting them down on paper. (I started that trend late 2018 so some baggage is good baggage.) Whether it’s ideas for blogs, articles or my favorite new passion in screenwriting, I have to understand that I must stick with it and live with purpose through my work. That’s what makes ‘The Greats’, great! They do something that they have a genuine passion and love for or at least do something very well that provides them the opportunity to do the things they want to do.

So, as you read this and are about to embark on another year in this crazy world, don’t forget to self-evaluate, love yourself and live with purpose.

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