Introduction to the Site & Me

Welcome to my page, “iStrive for More”! A site where the intent of motivation lives, but the randomness of both thought-provoking and meaningless material lingers about. (This site is 100% my opinion and doesn’t reflect on any professional affiliation that I have within my network.)

Being raised in Washington, DC for 99.9% of my life, my interests have always been directly correlated with my environment. Having gone on consistent downtown trips amongst the towering Smithsonian Institutions and various family trips back and forth to rural North Carolina, my life experiences were shaped by those events.

Besides being a part-time writer, I’m also an entrepreneur and creative. I’ve worked in various industries (both the private and public sectors) and decided to use my administrative and creative experience to carve my own path. I currently operate a small business focused on assisting overworked small business owners with mundane tasks amongst other business development matters. (Check out the tab, ‘Business Services’ if you are interested in any services related to starting or maintaining your small business.)

Stick around and pry through my site… You’ll never know what you’ll come across.

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